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Baby Toys Colorful Blocks

$10.99 USD


Environmental and high-quality wood, safe and non-toxic. The edges of the Stacking Geometric Board are smooth and won't hurt the baby's skin. The wooden base has different numbers of columns according to different shapes, baby can pair the geometric shapes with the column in their hands. They can identify the shape and count the holes in the column to train their forebrain and hand-eye coordination ability. The cognitive simple geometric shapes and the relationship between the blocks and set column simultaneously exercises the baby hand-eye coordination and logical thinking ability.

  • Safe for toddlers to enjoy again and again.
  • It comes in different size and colours.
  • Bright colours and super smooth.



  • Age Range: < 3 years old
  • Dimensions: As Picture
  • Shape: Geometric Shape
  • Features: Musical
  • Material: Wood
  • Gender: Unisex