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Metal wall hanging Holder

$3.99 USD

Made of wrought metal and wood, the back has the adhesive to avoid punching, convenient and fast, and can be attached anywhere. The right-angle design allows you to work faster and easier, with reasonable design, lightweight and durability. There is also a minimalist look that fits the decor of the modern bathroom and the domineering look. It can store rags, cling film, roll paper, etc.

  • It can be placed towels, rags, aprons, small debris, etc.
  • It can be placed horizontally during placement.
  • Simple to use.



  • Compatible: rag/roll paper/cling film
  • Suitable: Kitchen/bathroom
  • Style selection: Sticking / hook
  • Material: metal+wood
  • Freight: Free shipping
  • colour: black/white
  • Genuine: Original
  • Stock: adequate
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: fashion
  • activity: sale
  • model: 0133